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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.

SATO DISTILLERY Inc .(佐藤焼酎製造場株式会社)



Continuing the pot distillation tradition in the present

 Koji is made from carefully selected ingredients such as rice and barley, then underground water from the Houri River is added to the steamed ingredients and traditional pot distillation is carried out. Says company president Junji Mi zue, “I’m sure that there are people who feel nostalgic when they see the distillations pots. I would like people to see the aspects of our distilling process that remain the same as in the past.”

 Two distillation processes are used: traditional atmospheric distillation and decompression distillation, which produces a soft taste. The benefits of both processes are utilized and the shochu blended to create the finished product.

Mashing koji
Puffed-up koji
Koji-making drum where koji ingredients are steamed to produce koji

Relationship with the local community

Aiming for the ideal distillery together with producers

 To SATO DISTILLERY’s ideal shochu-making are added the passionate ideas and aspirations of local farmers. Produce, process, and sell locally. To realize “local production for local consumption”, the distillery purchases locally grown sweet potatoes, barley, rice, and chestnuts from the “Kiraribukai” operated by JA Nobeoka. Moreover, in 2013 the distillery also began producing a liqueur using peaches and chestnuts, which are specialty products of Kitagata Town. The distillery’s appeal is spreading through the addition of new initiatives to traditional shochu-making.

Mixing the ingredients
Scene of brewers mixing the ingredients
Bubbling fermentation

Distillery tours

The entire shochu-making process can be observed.

 Inside the distillery, it is possible to observe the entire shochu-making process from behind glass windows. “It would be great if people become interested in shochu from watching the shochu-making process.” (President Mizue) Despite the modern external appearance of the concrete distillery building, inside there is a sense of art, providing visitors with a soothing space away from their everyday life in combination with the nature of the Houri River and surroundings.

 Please make reservations for distillery tours a minimum of one month in advance. Groups of up to 100 visitors can be accommodated. Shochu products are also available for tasting and sale.

The production process can be viewed from galleries.
Bottling process

Company Profile

Company Name SATO DISTILLERY Inc .(佐藤焼酎製造場株式会社)
Address 2388-1 Hourimachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone +81-982-33-2811
FAX +81-982-33-2888
Tour of a Warehouse Distillery tours are available (Reservations must be made a minimum of one month in advance. Groups of up to 100 visitors can be accommodated.)
web http://www.sss-sato.jp/


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