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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.



Focus on production

Early mechanization leading to stable shochu quality

Early mechanization leading to stable shochu quality

 Koji (rice malt) was previously made by hand, but nowadays this process is carried out by fully automated koji-making equipment. While decisions about temperature control and water amounts previously relied on the master brewer’s instincts and skill, these items are now converted to data and then input into the machine, maintaining stable koji quality. Although MATSUNOTSUYU SHUZO was one of the first distilleries to introduce mechanization, they by no means leave the entire shochu-making process up to machinery. Naturally it is the brewers with their accumulated experience who consider various situations and made adjustments accordingly.

 This fusion of techniques passed down with the distillery’s history and cutting-edge technology creates shochu that is beloved not only locally but throughout Japan.

Early mechanization leading to stable shochu quality
Early mechanization leading to stable shochu quality
Early mechanization leading to stable shochu quality


Pursuing easy drinkability while preserving sweet potatoes’ characteristics

 Represented by MATSUNOTSUYU, MATSUNOTSUYU SHUZO’s shochu brands are characterized by their mellow flavor and easy drinkability that still retains the aroma and delicious umami taste of sweet potatoes.

 Says representative Masanori Ando: “Even if shochu is made using the same ingredients and the same process, the flavor differs from distillery to distillery. This is because the condition of the yeast and the mashing environment at each distillery are unique to that distillery. The variation increases even further with storage and blending. Instead of fixing on a particular shochu brand, I think it’s interesting to taste-compare various brands and enjoy their differences.”

TAKUMINOKURA—An original shochu exclusive to the Nichinan district

The Nichinan Shochu Kodawarikai (“Society Dedicated to Nichinan Shochu”) was established in 1999. Membership currently comprises 19 stores, the majority of which are liquor stores. One shochu that can only be purchased through this association is TAKUMINOKURA, an original shochu created by MATSUNOTSUYU SHUZO. This specialty shochu brand was born through collaboration between liquor stores and the distillery in order to meet consumers’ needs. It has a favorable reputation as a shochu that is easy-to-drink, even for those who dislike shochu. 

 Says Mr. Ando, “An increasing number of products are being developed through cooperation between makers and distributors. In the future, we hope to undertake projects that will invigorate the local community even more, such as promoting Nichinan-produced foodstuffs together with shochu.”

Company Profile

Company Name MATSUNOTSUYU SHUZO(松の露酒造株式会社)
Address 2-1-16, Imamachi, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone +81-987-25-1746
FAX +81-987-25-3812
Tour of a Warehouse Brewery/distillery tours are not available.
web http://www.matsunotsuyu.co.jp


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