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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.



Focus on production

Kametsubo pots

Production method that preserves tradition

 Even since the SAKURANOMINE BREWERY’s establishment, both the first and second mashings have been carried out in kametsubo pots in order to improve moromi (yeast mash) growth. Taking temperature control and work efficiency into account, the kametsubo pots used are only half-embedded in the ground.

 Carefully selected Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes are steamed in wooden tubs made of 80-to-100-year-old Obi cedar. This removes excess moisture from the sweet potatoes, drawing out the sweetness. Nowadays this traditional steaming method using wooden tubs is very rare across Japan.

A mild aroma and taste

 The SAKURANOMINE BREWERY is also particular about their distillation methods. There are two distillation methods—atmospheric and decompression—but the brewery uses mainly decompression distillation. Compared with atmospheric distillation, which produces a hard shochu that brings out the characteristic aroma of sweet potatoes, decompression distillation is carried out at around half the temperature of atmospheric distillation. This emphasizes the gorgeous aroma and produces a mellow, gentle-tasting shochu.

 Because the entire production process up to the final product is carried out by hand, quality control is thorough.

Decompression distillationBecause the entire production process up to the final product is carried out by hand, quality control is thorough.

Savor the taste while experiencing the season

Wooden tubs made from Obi cedar In 2001, SAKURANOMINE BREWERY launched KUROKOJI HEIZO, a shochu made using back koji (rice malt). Born from the master brewer’s desire to create a shochu that could be drunk casually on the rocks, this brand was a prizewinner in the South Kyushu Sake and Shochu Awards (Kumamoto Tax Office).

 Aged gradually in oak barrels, CHOKI CHOZO HEIZO is made from barley. This shochu has an alcohol content of 40% and features a rich aroma and full-bodied flavor.

Company Profile

Company Name SAKURANOMINE BREWERY(櫻乃峰酒造有限会社)
Address 1192, Oaza Kumaya-Ko, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone +81-987-27-0271
FAX +81-987-27-2207
Tour of a Warehouse Distillery tours available (maximum of 10 participants; reservations must be made in advance by telephone (9:00–16:00)
web http://www.sakuranomine.com


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