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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.

AKATSUKI SHUZO(アカツキ酒造合資会社)



Steep stairs climbing to the distillery

Tools as familiar to use as hands and feet

 To access the distillery, which is built on the side of a mountain, from the main building you climb down steep stairs, both internal and external. Here you find tools that continue to be used with care, lined up in order of the work process.

 At the entrance is the process for washing and steaming the rice. Currently a boiler is being used, but there is still a furnace and iron pot from the days when firewood was burned. Moving further into the building, there is the koji room that the third-generation distillery head made semi-automated, the first mashing tanks, and the atmospheric distillers lined up side-by-side, with the second mashing tanks located in the especially quiet space at the very back. These tanks are also used for resting the shochu after distillation.

The mashing room has a historical atmosphere.
The steamer (on the right) currently uses a boiler, but previously steam rising from the iron pot was used to steam the rice.
First mashing tank

Dedication to constantly producing the same taste without making any changes

 Old-fashioned authentic rice shochu AKATSUKI is made using ingredients purchased from the local JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative) and Kagoshima Yeast. The distillery has changed the yeast in the past, but according to Kawachi-san, “Those yeasts were too ‘demure’; they could not produce our taste.” Ever since then, the distillery has only used yeasts they are used to using.

 Following distillation, AKATSUKI is rested for approx. one-and-a-half years in the distillery before being bottled and shipped. Says Kawachi-san, “There are alcoholic drinks that are said to taste better immediately after distillation, but we always rest our shochu. This settles the shochu, allowing the color to clear and enhancing the taste.”

 This taste has a slightly different strength to recent shochu spirits, many of which are lightly flavored with the fragrance of rice.

Semi-automated koji room
Tanks used for the second mashing and storage
Atmospheric distiller
Various gods enshrined here and there around the distillery and cherished tools
Pots for use in retail are placed as if watching over the distillery

Company Profile

Company Name AKATSUKI SHUZO(アカツキ酒造合資会社)
Address 1835-5, Oaza Kawachi, Takachihocho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone +81-982-75-1612
FAX +81-982-75-1612
Tour of a Warehouse Brewery/distillery tours are not available.


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