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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.



Distillery’s focus

Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes (ingredient)

Nurture ingredients, bringing out their taste

 Shochu ingredients are mainly produced within Miyazaki Prefecture. HYUGA AKUGARE is made using contract-farmed Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes, while HYUGA AKUGARE TOGO DAICHI NO YUME is made using Daichinoyume sweet potatoes cultivated exclusively for the distillery by an agricultural corporation in Togo-cho, Hyuga City. In addition to sweet potatoes, the distillery also makes shochu from grains such as Japanese barnyard millet, millet, and barley.

 “Shochu is not made but rather nurtured,” says master brewer Toyofumi Yamamoto. His aim is to achieve shochu-making that brings out the wonderful flavors created by the ingredients entrusted to him by their producers, nurturing the ingredients so that they are comfortable.

 For mashing, traditional pots are used, with two pots used in each mashing. Although the distillery cannot produce large quantities of shochu, their motto is to carefully craft shochu in small batches, making the most of local ingredients, to create products that bring joy to those who drink them.

Triangular shelf used in koji cultivation
Nurture ingredients, bringing out their taste
Master brewer Toyofumi Yamamoto

Distillery tours

See the mashing process

 It is possible to tour inside the distillery. The mashing period is from August until December.

  Up to 500 kg of koji rice is placed in the koji-making drum and washed, steamed, and seeded. The koji rice is then moved to triangular shelves for cultivation.

The cultivated koji is placed in pots with water and yeast to make the moromi (main fermenting mash) (first mashing). After approx. five days, the moromi mash is mixed with steamed sweet potatoes (second mashing).

After distillation, the shochu is usually passed through a filter, but there are also shochu spirits—such as HYUGA AKUGARE MUROKA—that can be enjoyed for their deep, rich, unfiltered taste.

■Make reservation by telephone a minimum of one week before the date you wish to tour the distillery. There are no restrictions on the number of tour participants.

Mixing the ingredients


With its mellow taste, HYUGA AKUGARE is a recommended shochu for women and young adults. Compare the taste with the light taste of HYUGA AKUGARE 14°.

Goods sales section
Goods sales section

Company Profile

Company Name AKUGARE DISTILLARY(株式会社あくがれ蒸留所)
Address 212-1, Oaza Yamage, Togocho, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone +81-982-68-3550
FAX +81-982-68-3551
Tour of a Warehouse Distillery tours are available (Reservations must be made a minimum of one week in advance. There are no restrictions on the number of tour participants. The mashing period is from August until December.)
web http://www.akugare.jp/


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