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Dareyami is a local Miyazaki term meaning an evening drink to relieve the tiredness of the day.

Kuroki Honten Co. Ltd.(株式会社黒木本店)

Kuroki Honten Co. Ltd.

Kuroki Honten’s shochu

Prizing balance between aroma and taste

The concept and what you are aiming to produce differ for each individual product. For example, BAKUDAN HANATARE contains only the most flavorful drops of unprocessed shochu obtained in the initial process after the moromi mash has been distilled (hatsudare). With its concentrated sweet potato umami flavor and fragrance, as well as its stand-out individuality, this shochu is irresistible to lovers of sweet potato shochu.
Also, for NAKANAKA—one of the distillery’s key products—the distillation method is utilized to create a shochu that is not too light and not too rich, placing importance on producing a taste that you never get tired of drinking. Made from 100% locally produced ingredients, KIROKU is a shochu that is truly rooted in and expresses this land. Especial importance is placed on “drawing out the aroma”.

Kuroki Honten’s aspirations

All employees joining together in pursuing ideals

Says Shinsaku Kuroki with passion: “I want all our employees to have responsibility and for everyone to pursue our ideals together!” Making shochu for customers is the same as every other distillery, but Kuroki Honten aims to be a distillery capable of providing even greater joy than customers seek. Rather than simply responding to market demand, they also endeavor to envision the future and take action to make these visions a reality. They are also proactively involved in discussions with shops and restaurants selling their products.
While focusing on clear concepts and essential shochu-making, giving top priority to ingredients, Kuroki Honten provides shochu that consistently brings joy to customers and is always undertaking new projects. This steady, straight-forward, unwavering dedication comes through in the individuality of Kuroki Honten shochu products’ taste and aroma.

All employees joining together in pursuing ideals
All employees joining together in pursuing ideals

Brewer introduction

Shinsaku Kuroki

Born in 1988, Shinsaku Kuroki is Kuroki Honten’s president, and as such is the face of the company regarding all aspects of operations, from quality management to marketing. Together with his elder brother, who is the representative for the agricultural corporation “Yomigaeru Daichi no Kai”, he is endeavoring to produce shochu that brings out the delicious flavors of the ingredients. He says: “I feel that sweet potatoes taste different when they are cultivated without the use of pesticides. Perhaps it’s because the stress on the sweet potatoes is different, but I believe that sweet potatoes cultivated in a harsh environment without using pesticides have better fragrance.” By making shochu, he says that he wants to search for new possibilities for agriculture and increase agriculture’s value. Fueled by his inexhaustible passion, his eyes are set on not only Japan but also the world.

Company Profile

Company Name Kuroki Honten Co. Ltd.(株式会社黒木本店)
Address 776 Kitatakanabe, Takanabecho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, JAPAN
Phone +81-983-23-0104
Tour of a Warehouse Brewery/distillery tours are not available.
web http://www.kurokihonten.co.jp/


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